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[I change fandoms very quickly, it's a character flaw]
Current Fandoms:
- CA2: Winter Soldier
- Bravely Default
- Dishonored
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having a hard time at work recently… very tired and dealing with a really unfun task compounded with messy documentation

I just want to go home

Having a shit day at work, need to consume kitten pictures

Day 4 of Nuvigil, my brain fog seems a tiny bit reduced.


people refusing to recognize and admit that a character has faults and has done some pretty shitty things just because they like that character


Anonymous asked
Hey I just saw your post about nuvigil I was diagnosed with narcolepsy with cataplexy about a month and a half ago and I take nuvigil as well. At first I had mild headaches and absolutely no appetite (just the thought of eating made me want to puke) but after about 2 weeks all of that went away and now it works really well for me

Thanks for sharing your experience! :O I’m 3 days in; doc is telling me to take 1/2 tab for 10 days, then go to full tab. I am experiencing… nothing at all. No good effects, no bad effects, a complete opposite of you lol! Rather frustrating. I’m really happy it turned out well for you, I’m still holding out hope and my pharmacist said that sometimes it takes a while to kick in. My tiredness and brain fog has gotten quite overwhelming recently x__x

I wish my brain had a warranty - I need to replace it -___-